Date | 30.01.2018

Place |  Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. Madrid

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Presentation book “Una vida plena”

Presentation of the book “Una vida plena”, at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, as a tribute of Ankaria’s founder Mr. Javier Rosón Pérez.

More than forty characters of the cultural, political and business scene of Spain have paid homage to the entrepreneur Javier Rosón Pérez (Becerreá, Lugo, 1938 -Río de Janeiro, 2016) in a book about his intense and successful life between the bussines world, politics during the convulsed time of Spanish Transition, and his passion and sponsorship of art.

“Javier Rosón. Una vida plena” has been published by the Ankaria Foundation which he founded in 2009 to promote refexion and debate about socio-politic issues and push new creator in contemporary art. The book is divided in three big chapters, Public Activity, Insight Look, and Art and Sponsorship, each one opened by profound texts by his close friends, shuch as Porfessor Agustín Gonzalez Enciso; philosopher and writer Javier Gomá, and Culture State Secretary Fernando Benzo.

Among the figures that have participated with texts in the book appear Ricardo Martí Fluxá, President of the Ankaria Foundation, Jesús Sancho Rof, Rodolfo Martín Villa or Juan José Lucas. Lawyers like Gonzalo Rodríguez Mourullo or Jaime Mairata; and artista shuch as Rafael Canogar, Eduardo Arroyo Luis Gordillo, Carlos Franco or Paco Pérez; and galerists and brasilian creator like Gilvan Nunes and Patricia Costa.

The book includes a touching text by Saleta Rosón Cedrón, that shows remarkably well the human and kind nature of her father.

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