The various projects planned by the Foundation are as Ankaria target interacting with public or private entities through different lines of cooperation, enrich each optimizing resources. This has created different formulas of collaboration help us to knowledge, discussion or reflection, from innovation and commitment, occupy a crucial place in society.

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Why befriend ANKARIA

  1. Join a dynamic project that encourages reflection and knowledge
  2. promote multicultural dialogue in areas as critical as the socio-political and artistic
  3. participate in the construction of a more participative and committed
  4. Enabling young people’s access to the professional world through scholarships and awards
  5. facilitate contact between the university and the business through meetings, courses and conferences scheduled

Tax Advantages

COUNTERPARTS and Tax Advantages

  1. Tax advantages
  2. Active participation in the activities of the Foundation
  3. Inclusion in the newsletter sent by the Foundation to a database of more than 150,000 individuals and businesses
  4. Participation in various advertising campaigns and communication
  5. Discount important in the use of rooms and spaces Foundation
  6. Invitation to each of the events planned by the Foundation
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